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The Official Eat-Local, Drink-Local Program for New York State

Launched over a decade ago, Taste NY highlights the quality, diversity, and economic impact of food and beverages grown, produced, or processed in New York State. Taste NY aims to create new opportunities for producers through events, retail locations, and partnerships.

The agricultural industry in New York State continues to grow at an exceptional rate. The state boasts more than seven million acres of farmland and 36,000 farms. It is the second largest producer of apples and maple syrup in the country, and the top honey producer in the Northeast.

Additionally, the state ranks first in the U.S. for the number of hard cider producers, second in craft distillers, third in breweries, and fourth for the total number of wineries.

We encourage New Yorkers and visitors alike to experience the quality of Taste NY.

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Bring New York State to your doorstep with locally grown food, beverages and gifts available for purchase on Taste NY's retail site.

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New York State Grown & Certified
A statewide food certification program to promote quality, locally-grown products and to strengthen confidence in New York agriculture.